Curacao has a lot of beaches she is famous for.  There are at least 38 public and private beaches on the island. The locals prefer their own (small), public beaches and Playa Lagun is a perfect example of one of these beaches. But I have been there already. This weekend I finally went to; Kenepa. In Dutch we know it by the name: Grote Knip.

The water is super clear, clearer than the commercial beaches. This can be because it’s all nature at Kenepa. And the sand is very soft. Only when you walk into the sea you might step on some small rocks or shells, but at least you can see where you walk.
In the morning of Sunday, October 11th, we drove to the west side of Curacao. Together with my roommates we prepared lunch, so we could eat sandwiches on the beach.
At arrival you are on top and the beach is below.  Of the rocks there is a really lovely view of the beach; it was time for some pictures!


On the beach we settled ourselves on some comfortable sunbeds, well actually the beds sank in, so not as comfortable as we expected.  However, this didn’t ruin the fun. Relaxed as we were, we lay down, but as soon the sun came up we needed to get in the water. The first time I hit the sea I felt as if a whole lot of stress just melted away. The natural sea of Kenepa is cooler than for example Mambo beach. It’s definitely more refreshing. And when I came back to lay down again, it took more time than usual to get hot under the sun which is great in these temperatures.

Later in the afternoon we were told that the local people really like to barbecue and eat on the beach. The people bring their own food and they stay on the beach as long as possible. Even if you bring your own flesh/meat and do not have your own BBQ; locals will share theirs with you if you ask them.

At last we went to sKLeine knipee ‘Kleine Knip’ (Small Kenepa) which is just a 1 minute drive from Kenepa. It is much smaller and cozy. There are more locals, apparently is this a favourite beach too.
Not sure if you must go to Kenepa?, I definitely recommend you to at least visit this beach once,  the atmosphere is great, and I am not even talking about the water!



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