Born and raise in the Caribbean is usually idyllic. Blue Sky, blue water, friends and family are close by and there is always a reason for a party.

Yet over 100,000 YDK live abroad compared to the 158.000 (2017) actual inhabitants of Curacao.

Tourism Turnover

What can the impact of the expatriate YDK be on the economy of Curacao?
We made a simple calculation; If each YDK living abroad visit Curacao once a year with a foreign partner or acquaintance, will this result in 200,000 guests for Curacao.

Visitors spend most of the money on our island for accommodation, car rental, restaurant visits, recreation, etc.

Now image this: if each expatriate YDK also act as an ‘ambassador’ for Curacao and would recommend Curacao and as a result Curacao obtains an additional 4 tourists per year.  to stimulate Curaçao this would an additional 400,000 visitors per year. Total half a million visitor that is a nice boost for Curacao.

Imelda Thode

Many people do this already for Curacao. In USA; Imelda Thode – Smith, born and raised in Curacao does it on instinct.  She has been living in the US now for over 45 years. She has been able to leave a stamp of Curacao behind in over 10 states. Her best way to start the conversation going is with her license plates of Curacao that she has on her car.

Still to many times people ask what Curacao is. We want the world to recognize the name of our beautiful island. At these moments Imelda tells with courage and pride about her birth Island.
Per month Imelda recommends over 24 persons to visit Curaçao. And when booking dates are know she tells her family who are still living on the island to ensure that our guests have a great time.

Imelda visits Curacao at least 1x per year. She is married to an American that feels he is part YDK. Rick Sheppard believes that with some: ‘E e, some Dushi and kon ta bai?’ he is quite fluent in Papiamento. And everybody understands each other and joins the conversation. So it just may be that this is pretty true.

Rick Sheppard is of the Drifters and has visited our island many times. His first visit was years before knew Imelda.
They will be on the island shortly in May 2017 for a show of the Drifters in Avila Hotel.
Come and meet Imelda and Rick. Buy your ticket at Avila Beach Hotel or Stichting Karchi 60+ tel: 4624433.

If you want a preview watch Rick surprise a karaoke singer while she singing their song: ‘Under the Boardwalk’ during Punda Vibes. Here is the video;


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