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Gwen Inspires

Papi’e is a game made in papiamentu, my native language. It focuses on different important  aspects of our lives.

Thereby; stimulating    meaningful interactions and discussions, and thoughtful conversations. It's also a fun filled game, which can be used during  family gatherings, or just for fun interactions within the family nucleus. 

You can purchase the family version of Papi'e or the version made especially for father and son/daughter. 

Papi’e will be soon available in other languages.


Online Course Bundle: Mpowerman

Hey MEN, Who taught you to be a man? Why were you thought not to express your emotions? 

Do you have a feminine side and why is this important to know? Do you know how important you are in the family structure?

People especially women, expects so much of you. However, what do you expect from yourself? If you want to find out more and want  answers to  these questions, this workshop series Mpower MEN is the ONE for you.

The goal of this workshop series is for you to be more aware of how important  you are , you will become  aware of your strengths,  and understand the essence of your identity as a  man. Firstly: for yourself. Secondly; for your family and thirdly: for the community within which you reside.


Workshop themes: 

  1. When did I become a man?

  2. The women of my dream.

  3. Fatherhood and History (note: not only for fathers)

  4. Emotions and Intimacy.

  5. Talk v/s Listen!


Online Course Bundle: Mpowered Women

Ladies in this hectic world, where everyone and everything is expected of us it's important to take a step back and analyze what you are saying yes too! The goal is for you to be more aware of the patterns that causes your behavior and to give you practical tools on how to change those patterns.

Are you saying yes to:

1. Self love or are settling for less?

2. Healing and breaking generational family patterns

3. Willing to move on, out of your comfort zone?

4. Influence your life for the better,  for generations to come?

Did you say YES to one of these questions? This workshop series is specially made for you. 


Workshop themes: 

  1. Where does Healing start?

  2. The Men I choose!

  3. Motherhood and History. (note: not only for mothers)

  4. Emotions and Intimacy

  5. Talk v/s Listen!

What will you receive in the online cource bundel?

  1. A 5 parts series based on NLP tools.

  2. You will receive 5 workbooks.

  3. Questions for you to dig deep within.

  4. (live) and Video material.

  5. 1 x 1-on-1 coaching from Gwen.



Everybody needs somebody! I struggled a lot in the past to ask for help when I needed something or someone to help me out. With time and having a coach myself, I have learned how important it was/is, to have someone that is not just family but someone that can help you understand and clear out some of life's most important issues. 

How I work:

  • First we have an intake to see if we have a match.

  •  We will set a goal and we will work together on it in our coaching sessions.

  • I adjust tools, techniques and coaching based on your needs.

  • My coaching style is basically a combination of tools that I derived from my own experiences, inside oud learning and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing).



In partnership with other organizations and companies I also have a facilitator role. If you have a family gathering and you want me to facilitate fun and learning activities with the goal of more engagement with each other you can hire me.

I can also give workshops in family budgeting and team building activities with the goal to reinforce personal development that has also influenced your home situation.   

Please contact me for further  information and the costs.