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Kos Dushi package 1 for Neth (DHL) & Cur

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This package includes the following sweets from Curacao.

5x chupa bebe
5x tert di pruimu
5x tentalaria 
5x kos di lechi 
5x djente di kacho  
5x tert di koko 
5x kokada 
5x letter di pinda 47 gr

Chupa bebe is a lollipop with Caribbean flavor
Tert di pruimu is a prumes tart. 
Tentalaria sugar work with crunch peanuts
Kos di lechi is a caramel
Tert di Coco is a crush coco's tart
Kokada is grated coco in sugar work
Leter di Pinda is peanut cookies


Plastic container containing various Sweets of Curacao.


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