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MAX&BEE's juices are Cold Pressed, 100% Raw and made of mostly local and organic produce. Never heated. Never pasteurized. Always served to you in a special juice bottle. Each bottle consists of roughly 360 grams of produce and is packed full of live enzymes, nutrients and minerals. We make it a point to press everything separately to bring out the true essence of each ingredient. With proper refrigeration each juice will maintain its full nutritional and medicinal benefits for up to 4-5 days. MAX&BEE Juicery is more than just a juice bar. We stand not only for health and wellness but for sustainability and authenticity. We believe in the concept of making real food, unprocessed, non-artificial, medicinal and most of all raw. From the earth to your mouth .... and super-tasty! That's why we offer tasty raw salads, snacks, home made nutmilks, glutenfree bakery, soups and lunch meals. We are consciously committed to creating a space that promotes an overall stronger sense of connection to self and well-being. In our world inner happiness is key, and raw juice and real food is the heart of health and vitality. Juices also available at Centrum Supermarket Mahaai and Piscadera.
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