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THEA is a unique shop here on Curacao operated by Shari de Ron, a Florida native who moved to the island in 2010 for LOVE! Her mission was to bring a little piece of home here to Curacao and so THEA was born. The name comes from the greek word for goddess as she has a slight fascination for greek mythology. The boutique has grown over the years, and when you step into THEA you’re stepping out of Curacao and into another little world. To go with your tea there’s also all natural localy harvested honey from Curacao Bee Company, not available in supermarkets. Then there’s Glass by Shanti, a local entreprenuer who reclaims empty liquor and wine bottles to make beautiful cheese and snack trays and beautiful decorations. Alongside all of these you’ll find an ever changing assortment of unique gift items great for any occasion. Vinrella, The Naked Bee Company, and PooPourri are among those…. We invite you to come check it out and experience the world of THEA for yourself. We are open LATE weeknights until 7pm and Saturdays 10-1
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