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E Kos Dushi di Korsou

<p>E Kos Dushi di Korsou is a cooperation between 3 or more local producer of Curacao sweets &amp; cakes.<br /> Kos Dushi means sweet things.<br /> People of Curacao love sweets and we will love to have you try it too and hopefully share it with others.<br /> There are the popular Kos Dushi which are easy to find on the island.<br /> But some Kos Dushi's are realy speciality sweets.<br /> Our package includes both of these kinds.<br /> All Kos Dushi has as basic ingredient sugar.&nbsp;<br /> Beside sugar the following ingredients are used: coco, peanut, milk, water, vanilla, cashew nut.</p> <p>Our larger packages also includes cakes.<br /> In our case:<br /> - The very delicious black cake with over 25 ingredients (incl 5 different liqeuer)<br /> - Cashew cake<br /> - Prumes cake</p> <p>And they are all delicious!<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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