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Who & What can be listed in IamMadeIn.com

The ‘I Am Made In’ website is to promote local products, services and talents.
Each country has its own page.

You can list:

  • Hand made products
  • Home made products
  • Product developed in  your country but had to be produced abroad due to lack of opportunity in your own country.
  • Local production
  • Services offered by locals 
  • Talented people 

What you can list:

  • Product
  • Services
  • Talent

What you may not do

  • You may not list others product as your own.
  • Each type of product should be listed in the correct category.
  • List in a country other than your own.
  • List an international franchise as a local company
  • List offensive or harassing content

Do you need to be born in the country to be considered a local?
No, but you need to have a beneficial cultural, financial or economic effect for the country.
Examples of beneficial effects:

  • employment
  • cultural incentive
  • Sustaining & development of talent
  • economic growth

‘I Am Made In’ has the authority to deny of delete any posting that does not comply with above mentioned criteria or any content that does not comply with our #buylocal commitment.