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Ruthy ' s divine arts & more

Pa bo regalo uniko pa demostra kariño amor ku atenshon hinter aña app Ruth na 6711745.

It’s that time of the year!

Bo tambe kier sera boso aña ku un BIG BANG!

Mi ta Judeska Pauletta doño di *Believe. Relaxing art & Dotting. *Mi negoshi ta ofresé diferente servisio entre kua mi ta bende produkto di arte. Nos servisio prinsipal ta duna tayer di e arte di Dotting. Dotting ta téknika di hasi arte ku punto. E arte aki ta masha bon i edukashonal pa mucha i hóben. E ta yuda nan ku konsentrashon, motoriká i kordinashon. Pa hende grandi tambe Dotting tin hopi benefisio entre kua relahá i baha strès. Hopi bon pa hasi individual o den grupo. 


I'm a proud born and raised Curacao local.

My products are modern, multi-fuctional and minimalistic; easy to clean of the quality you desire for a price you can afford.

Ami ta un orguyoso Yu di Korsou. Mi produktonan ta modernu, minimalista i multi-funshonal; fasil pa limpia di kalidat duradero i di preis pagabel.

Krea-tea arts & crafts giftshop

Vilma  Collection

This collection was design as a tribute to the life of every African Caribbean woman. They capture the essence and beauty of a traditional Caribbean women. This collection of handmade figurines is also designed to mimic Curaçao traditional colorful dresses and head ties. Vilma Collection is designed with love, dedication, and warmth.

The collection of dolls illustrates the African Caribbean Women that is:





Asyla ten Holt ta un senior i ta selebra 45 anja komo multi funksonado den kreatividat, skibi prosa i a funskshona komo terapista na diferente sentronan di salubridat. Aktualmente e ta organisa temanan kreativo pa hoben na Bandabou i funkshona foi su sentro di Funark promove arte i kultura. E ta palabra projekto pa e mes i ta bai afo bai duna presentashon na 2023.  Asyla ta partisipa ku Sostainabe Expo ku e tema sentral ku ta 'decorative healing stones candle- lightnings'. E ta usa e oportunidat aki pa rekauda fondo pa su diferente projektonan di presentation den eksterior.

RV Life Style - 100 Best Things to do in New York 6/20

The state of New York is in the north-eastern part of the USA. It is the fourth most populated state in the USA. The largest city is New York City where there is a population of over 8.55 million. You will find a diverse geography here, with mountains and oceans, rivers and lakes.

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The Golden Lady Distributor Curacao

Vandaag bezochten we the Golden Lady Distributor, een lokaal bedrijf die natuurlijke haar en huid producten produceert. Een van de bekendste product aangeboden door the Golden Lady Distributor is “Ayo peluka Ayo wave”, het is vitamine voor het haar gemaakt van natuurlijke ingrediënten. Het bedrijf is gevestigd bij  seru lora weg #104.

Mevrouw Thelma Simmons

Orgar Soft


Orgar Soft is an organic cream developed by ‘Golden Lady Distributors’ to soften hands & feet.

Golden Lady Distributors

is owned by Thelma Simmons. Other products of Golden Lady Distributors are: Glowing(Ayo Peluka – Ayo wave) hair vitamin & Hallelujah deodorant.

Curacao Delights and Bolo Pretu

Every citizen of Curacao knows it; Bolo Pretu. It is a  black fruit cake. It is a traditional delicacy that cannot be missed at any wedding or celebration. Lots of people bake this delicacy for special occasions. But, what to do when you want to enjoy this Bolo more often than only during special occasions?  I introduce to you: Jeritza Beaumont with her unique Bolo Pretu.