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RV Life Style - 100 Best Things to do in New York 6/20

The state of New York is in the north-eastern part of the USA. It is the fourth most populated state in the USA. The largest city is New York City where there is a population of over 8.55 million. You will find a diverse geography here, with mountains and oceans, rivers and lakes.

There are many interesting landmarks throughout the state including some of the most visited places in the world. There are over 200 colleges and universities in the state, some of which have been ranked in the top 40 in the world.

Cuisine is vastly different in every area you visit, depending on the culture of the inhabitants. Be prepared to try different types of food, and explore the many places in the state. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – New Yorkers will gladly tell you all about their state!


26. Brooklyn Flea Market

If you want to sample local cuisine and enjoy people watching, then head here for a day. There are different vendors each week, and you will find a huge selection of goods to look at and buy, as well as a varied selection of food stalls.
The market supports local industry wherever possible, and you will find everything from food to clothing and shoes.
As the temperatures drop the market relocates to a warehouse in Sunset Park.
If you are after a particular vendor, then you can check on the website to see when they will be selling.


27. Fashion Industry of Technology Museum (FIT)

If fashion through the ages appeals to you; then be sure to check this out. You will find it on 7th Ave and 27th Street, Garment District, Midtown West.
The museum was founded in 1969 and strives to advance knowledge of fashion by way of exhibitions and publications.
Some of the exhibitions include ‘The Corset: Fashioning the Body’, and ‘Gothic: Dark Glamour’.
There is always something going on here and some exhibitions rotate weekly. The permanent collection encompasses over 50,000 garments dating from the 18th century to the present day.
Allow yourself a full day here.


28. Metropolitan Museum of Art

You will find this museum in New York City, it is the largest art museum in the USA. It is also very well visited, with over 7 million visitors in 2016. It has a permanent collection of over 2 million pieces of work, sectioned into 17 departments.
The permanent collections contain art and sculptures from both American and European masters. Look out for the collection of musical instruments which is second to none.
There is an amazing collection of antique weapons and armour from around the world.
Plan to spend the day here, there is enough to see. There is a café where you can stop half way for a snack.


29. The Plaza Hotel

You will find this luxury hotel in the midtown Manhattan area. It was opened in1907. The hotel is marked as an historical building by the National Trust.
You will find dozens of eclectic boutiques here as well as many places to eat, both large and small. Prices range from relatively cheap to top of the range.
You may want to stay a night and enjoy a wonderful meal here.
Plan to spend at least a half day here, perhaps partake of afternoon tea. Weddings are often held there so you may be able to catch a bouquet being thrown!


30. Green Wood Cemetery

This cemetery is one of the most visited in the state of New York. It was founded in 1838 and is the final resting place of over 600,000 people.
This is not your typical cemetery; rather it looks like a leafy, green park. Note that it is also contains Brooklyn’s highest point, namely battle Hill, which was the site of the Revolutionary War.
Notice the statue of the God of Wisdom, Minerva. Keep a lookout for the green parrots that live there.
It will take a half day to see this, and is well worth the time.



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