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Curacao Delights and Bolo Pretu

Every citizen of Curacao knows it; Bolo Pretu. It is a  black fruit cake. It is a traditional delicacy that cannot be missed at any wedding or celebration. Lots of people bake this delicacy for special occasions. But, what to do when you want to enjoy this Bolo more often than only during special occasions?  I introduce to you: Jeritza Beaumont with her unique Bolo Pretu.

The amount of ingredients that are put in this delicacy is amazing. Fruits like; plums, figs, crushed almonds and dates are used as a basis for Bolo. After this, a syrup of multiple sweeteners is added and as a finishing touch; adding different sorts of liquors. Then stirring the mix well to eventually add the whole bunch of ingredients and mix it again. All these actions take quite a long time, but Jeritza does it with love. The Bolo Pretu is her specialty.

bolo 1

In the last phase the whole bolo is put in the oven and it will take 2 hours till it’s finished. And still the Bolo is not completely  finished. It takes 2 or 3 days to rise to bring the ultimate taste into the Bolo Pretu. Some bakers, extend the time of letting the Bolo Pretu rise up to 1 or 2 weeks. The disadvantage here is that liquor must be added regularly to not let the Bolo Pretu dry out. Jeritza bakes her Bolo’s and delivers them when they are at full taste.

Bolo 2

It is even possible at special occasions to order glazed Bolo. It is completed as pastry that will shine as center of the table. Small pieces of Bolo will not be glazed but packed in special Curacao Delights cake boxes to take home.

Eager already to try out Jeritza’s traditional Bolo Pretu? Through this link you will find the information needed to contact her at: http://www.iammadein.com/curacao/listing/curacao-specialty-cakes/ . Curacao Delights BoBolo 3lo Pretu is also to be found in several supermarkets. Here on Curacao we love our Bolo Pretu!

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