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JC water solution - Sustainable Trade Expo 2018

Sustainability Trade Expo presents products and services which maintain change in our use of resources and promotes harmony between, People, Planet and Profit. We will have exhibitor from Aruba, Bonaire, Colombia and Curacao. They will show healthy, economic and technological merchandise.

And the movie corner will supply educational entertainment.

Meet our Exhibitor from ArubaL JC Water

INSTANT-OFF Home Series Water Saver automatically shuts-off the water in bathrooms and kitchens when you move your hands. INSTANT-OFF eliminates wasted water and conserves more water than any other water saving device. INSTANT-OFF is the fastest way to stop a drippy faucet.  To install INSTANT-OFF unscrew the aerator and screw in INSTANT-OFF.  Once installed the water may be left on. Faucet handles continue to control water temperature and water pressure. Push the Rod for Water – Release the Rod and the water immediately stops.  INSTANT-OFF helps provide people with hand disabilities or arthritis a painless method to control water in bathrooms and kitchens. 

People don't turn off the water when they don't need it running.this wastes over 500 billion gallons a day in USA. INSTANT-OFF eliminates wasted water and converts faucets and pipes to zero waste. the savings are immediate and there's no habits to break.
( saves money saves water )


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