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Enjoying, sharing, growing local

Farmer Aishel was born in Curacao; she loves nature and always had the dream to, one day have her own farm where she can produce organic greens and fruits. She is a person who likes to work hard, loves to help people, has a friendly and positive attitude, loves to travel and collect seeds from all over the world. She has started her dream of traveling and to bring different new varieties of fruits and greens to grow on Curacao.

Morina intro

Morina's kernactiviteit is gericht op het adviseren, ondersteunen en begeleiden van duurzame kapitaalinvesteerders die voornamelijk in onroerend goed willen beleggen. 

Hoe werkt dat?
Morina helpt investeerders bij hun zoektocht naar duurzame investeringsmogelijkheden binnen hun eigen budget.
Het budget is richtinggevend maar niet leidend. Morina kan ook helpen bij het vinden van aanvullende geschikte financiering als het budget niet volledig toereikend is. 

Curacao Lovers

Romantic, isn’t it? But on this occasion we are writing about a local company founded
in 1977, in our very own Island, Curaçao. The company first began producing ice, but in 1989 Lovers introduced Ice Cream. Following this, it was in 1991 when Lovers started producing Juices and Dairy products.

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Mother’s Peace of Mind

It’s mommy’s perfect dream: staying at home to educate her children and at end of the month Estudio 2receive a great salary!