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Local news

2021 Eco-challenge award winner

Team 55 from Curaçao recently won an Eco-Challenge Award after participating in the second 90-day International Climate Action Challenge, ICAC2021, which featured 75 teams from 28 countries.

The team was formed by Tamira La Cruz of MarkStra Caribbean and Sharella Riedel of Made in Curaçao. Its unique feature was that it focused on climate action by businesses rather than individuals, and extensive collaborations, which are part of the team members' ongoing efforts.

Vision Curaçao 2030, Reset COVID-19

curacao 2030

In the last months of 2019, the world was surprised by the pandemic COVID-19. This led to a complex crisis, not only in the healthcare area but in all areas. Corona (another name for the virus) exposes all errors in our system. Experts agree that we will not return to what it was like before the crisis, but that we have to change everything.


Op innovatieve wijze maakt Metis zodanig gebruik van natuurlijke hulpbronnen dat door efficiënt energiebeheer in feite elke gebruiker in zijn eigen behoefte kan voorzien.

Daarbij is een belangrijk uitgangspunt dat alle apparatuur, zoals ook de EV-lader, voldoet aan alle eisen die voor duurzaamheid gelden, zoals geen gebruikmaking van milieubelastende materialen en een lange economische levensduur van gemiddeld 25 jaar.

3D print Splash screens - Made in Curacao

Drone Racing Curacao and Curacao Tech Meetups launched a local initiative to 3D print Splash screens which we will donate to health care workers in Curacao. This idea is inspired by the Czech Prusa Research which have made a step by step guide and all 3D files available for download.

Curacao Trip Advice 1

Curacao as a destination is popular in Europe and South-America. Hopefully the rest of the world will discover our beautiful island soon. The island Curacao is genuine because of its colorful buildings, swinging music and of course our clear blue waters. Very popular is our Queen Emma Bridge which connects Punda and Otrobanda. It is of importance to be informed of your destination.
We have some tips for you:

Enjoy Curacao Local Market (Free)

Every other week Livingstone Resort has a local market with original native products.
A chill ambiance is created around the pool with Curacao producers showing their creations, there are local musicians and traditional local food. This Local Market is one of the best places at the South -East side of Curacao for you to find original products of Curacao.

About Curacao

Curaçao is an island off the Venezuela coast.

Getting married on the beach in Curaçao

Beach Wedding Dresses

If you want to get married on the beach in Curaçao, you need the perfect wedding dress to match the setting.


photography curacao wedding dresses

Caribbean Packaging Centre at Sustainable Trade Expo

"Getting closer to nature", that is what our sustainable goal is. 

CPC delivers stylish, sturdy, sustainable disposable solutions for restaurants, catering services, and hotels.  Our sustain-ably designed product range enables you to combine the very best in convenience, hygiene, and style with the environment in mind!  Ideal for impressing today's Eco-conscious customers.

Company nameCaribbean Packaging Centre, Inc.  (CPC)

Beyond gay-friendly: Curaçao flies the rainbow flag proudly

Annually, on the cusp of fall, when leaves start to turn red and yellow in colder parts of the world, one small island in the Caribbean bursts with every color of the rainbow. For Theo Meijer– preferred photographer for weddings and the only local photographer specialized in LGBTQ+ ceremonies- the seven-day fiesta that is called Curaçao Pride is one of the highlights of the year.