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2021 Eco-challenge award winner

Team 55 from Curaçao recently won an Eco-Challenge Award after participating in the second 90-day International Climate Action Challenge, ICAC2021, which featured 75 teams from 28 countries.

The team was formed by Tamira La Cruz of MarkStra Caribbean and Sharella Riedel of Made in Curaçao. Its unique feature was that it focused on climate action by businesses rather than individuals, and extensive collaborations, which are part of the team members' ongoing efforts.

Ten local diverse organizations unknowingly contributed to the success.
Please visit the team's blog entry at https://blog.climateactionchallenge.net/21-55-curacao-business/or the social media pages of the team members. 

An interesting note is that two Curacaoans in the diaspora shared the opportunity with the team: Karen Gartner, now based in Kenya, also an award winner with Sani-loos, and Nanelia Walfenzao, now based in Mallorca.

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