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About Curacao

Curaçao is an island off the Venezuela coast. The Country of Curaçao includes the main island plus the small, uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao ("Little Curaçao"), is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has a population of over 150,000 on an area of 444 km2. Our capital is Willemstad.

We love our island so much that we have a pet name for it: Kòrsou.

The population of Curacao is divers and very resourceful. Being part of the Dutch Kingdom, located in the belly of America (Caribbean), Curacao is close to North/ Central and South America.
Thus our island originality benefits and is inspired of all these regions.

Most local inhabitants speak at least 3 languages and pick up very fast on new trends. But many can speak for languages. The most common being: Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu.
We also have German and Portuguese speakers.

Our love is shared with get together and food. Our style is layback and most of the time we accompany our parties with music.

As a melting pot you will hear a variety of music: Merengue, Tumba, Salsa, Tambu, Reggae, Bachata to name a few.
Then we have various festivities for folklore tradition where we share; Simadam, Mazurka.

Time to eat! Curacao has a lot of snacks such as: kaasbal, bitterbal, pastechi, kroket ……..
If you want a full meal you will find restaurants and snack all around from the economic choice to, chic dinners and private chefs.
Whatever you do, try one of our local dishes; Yambo, Kadushi, Piska ku funchi or Iguana soup.

Let’s go to the beach; Kòrsou is blessed with many many beaches on our South cost from the East to the West and each has their own character. If you want to sunbath, swim, snorkel, dive or chill at the beach, there is a beach for you.

There is so much more to share. Follow our blogs to find out more.
Live the original Curacao.


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