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Caribbean Packaging Centre at Sustainable Trade Expo

"Getting closer to nature", that is what our sustainable goal is. 

CPC delivers stylish, sturdy, sustainable disposable solutions for restaurants, catering services, and hotels.  Our sustain-ably designed product range enables you to combine the very best in convenience, hygiene, and style with the environment in mind!  Ideal for impressing today's Eco-conscious customers.

Company nameCaribbean Packaging Centre, Inc.  (CPC)

1994: CPC was launched as a division of Caredna ITS N.V. in order to supply the growing need for sustainable moving packaging material.  Specially for customers who want to pack their own goods without the need of a moving company. 
1996: CPC became partner of the Pacombi Group. (Paardekooper Verpakkingen, Depa, Van der Windt Verpakkingen)
2003: CPC started building their completely new office & showroom in the heart of Saliña, Willemstad, Curaçao.  In the meantime, CPC became Master Distributor for well-known brand Duni,
2008: CPC started automating its' inventory system to deliver a better customer service keeping stock & track of custom printed items. 
2015: CPC doubled its' warehouse capacity with the construction of a new warehouse building.
2015/16: CPC became partner of Garcia de Pou, one of the most complete sustainable disposable packaging producer in Southern Europe.
2017: CPC launched the green awareness line and won the "Curacao Sustainable Innovation Award".
2018: CPC has the largest variety & selection in the region of sustainable disposables in stock and growing...  



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