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Curacao Lovers

Romantic, isn’t it? But on this occasion we are writing about a local company founded
in 1977, in our very own Island, Curaçao. The company first began producing ice, but in 1989 Lovers introduced Ice Cream. Following this, it was in 1991 when Lovers started producing Juices and Dairy products.

We visited the Lovers plant at the Industry terrein Brievengat and received some interesting information.In the 38 years, Lovers has become the leading producer and distributor in Curaçao of Ice, Ice Cream, Juices, Milk, Yoghurt and Bottled Water.
Additionally, Lovers has gone international with exports to Aruba, Bonaire and Miami, Fl.
With a workforce of over 130 employees; Lovers is one of our bigger local companies.
Our local population recognizes the Lovers products. You, as our esteemed visitors of Curacao can now also recognize the logo. Buy local and taste the variety of locally made Lovers products.


You will find this local product in the business sectors as well as the consumers sector.
When shopping; you will find Lovers products at retailers such as supermarkets and convenience stores. While dining out or enjoying our entertainment facilities you can also ask for Lovers. Hotels and restaurants do serve Lovers as well.
The institutional (Contractors, Schools and Health facilities) sector and recreation segments (Sports and Special Events) are also supplied.


As an eager, passionate and dedicated company, Lovers plans to continue launching new products in the future and maintain it’s complete quality service.
Lovers is a family company. On every one of their products they include a bible verse with a positive message to spread the word of God and to encourage others to become Love Warriors.
It was an educational visit. Check the Lovers products. You can always leave your review behind on their listing.
Fun fact: Lovers has been supplying McDonald’s Restaurants with Ice Cream for over 20 years in Curacao and Aruba.

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