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Energy management

Metis makes innovative use of natural resources in such a way that through efficient energy management, each user can in in fact provide his own needs.

An important principe here is that all equipment, including the EV charger, meets all requirements for sustainability, such as no use of environmentally harmful materials and a long economic life of an average of 25 years.

The target group for the Metis EV charger is in fact every energy user in general and the (future) owner of an electric vehicle (EV) in particular. It is particularly suitable to be combined with a private generating system such as a PV system, preferable with a DC converter, which in the future makes it possible to charge the EV directly and therefore super fast with DC. In combination with our 100% sustainable peak shaving facility the equipment can also be used for normal energy consumption for 24 hours a day.

To really charge the EV with green energy using the existing (or future) PV installation, possibly in combination with the peak shaving facility. For that EV charging process, there are technically a number of options. Directly via a 220V wall outlet (Mode1), where there is no form of protection and there is a risk of fire due to overheating of the plug connection. A better method is to use the charging cable supplied in teh most cases by the car dealer (Mode2). Although this cable is also connected via the 220V wall outlet, it is then fitted with a current limiter. Anyway for both versions the charging is slower than the charging process via an EV charger. For the charging process (Mode3) as used by Metis a socket in a special version (standard type2) with corresponding plug is used. This plug connection is suitable for a current of 32 Amps and intended to charge any EV for any desired charging current, in a safe and a fast way. During the continuously monitored charging process, information about the AC and DC leakage currents is made available to the user during various charging cycles, enabling errors to be detected in a timely manner.

The charge controller prevents failure of the EV charging station by continuously checking the internal electronics and controlling the temperature by sensors..

Charging according to Mode3 is the only correct way and is generally only possible via public charging poles. The disadvantage of this possibility is that loading takes up valuable time and in the very best case, “gray”energy(mix of sustainable and fossil) is avaible. In addition a charging pole is not always available and its use is certainly not free of charge. On the other hand, there is the always avaible energy supply of the own equipment and the ease of use to be able to use the EV charger at any time and for free. 

Using high-quality electro technical components, standard models as well as models on customer specifications are produced using our own design. The corrosion-free enclosure manufactured in Finland is further processed and equipped with the necessary components, then cabled and connected in accordance with the applicable European standards and tested for correct operation with a fixed protocol.

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