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Hummingbird Feather N.V. - EMCuracao / Sustainable Trade Expo

Sustainability Trade Expo presents products and services which maintain change in our use of resources and promotes harmony between, People, Planet and Profit. We will have exhibitor from Aruba, Bonaire, Colombia and Curacao. They will show healthy, economic and technological merchandise.
And the movie corner will supply educational entertainment.

Humming bird / EM Curacao will also be represented at the event. Learn more about them:

EM-Curaçao promotes healthy sustainable community consciousness.
This process is supported through the use of Effective Microorganisms (EM) in everybody’s daily life.

The products we offer are based on natural, non-modified and manipulated, organisms. Beneficial microorganisms.

3. We have a variety of probiotic products like:

  • Wipe & Cleans for home cleaning, dishwasher, clothes washing, odor controlling, bath tub, improving home air & energetic environment etc
  • Microferm for stimulating plant grow, pets  care, animal husbandry, odor controlling, recycling waste water, composting etc.
  • Bokashi-bucket & Bokashi-starter for recycling kitchen waste
  • EM-ceramics for improving water quality
  • EM-ceramics for paint, glue and concrete for enhancing construction quality and improving energetic home environment
  • EM Sea Salt Gold for health improvement and therapeutic use
  • EM- bath & kitchen soap for personal and general hygiene
  • EM-Ceramics ESMOG C-Seal Stickers for neutralizing harmful electromagnetic waves
  • EM Bokashi clay balls for improving water quality in ponds
  • Variety of natural products for agriculture Rockdust, Clayminerals, SeaShell Lime,  Mestbest

Our company promotes a concept that is based on conscious awareness and completely focused on the practical use of natural life enhancing effective microorganisms.

The impact that EM lifestyle can have on Curaçao is a switch in the approach towards stimulating a more responsible sustainable community consciousness. The use of Effective microorganisms natural products, is a frugal tool to support the life enhancing change.

Everybody can make use of our products, companies, house wives, schools, healthcare institutions, Zoo, animal shelters, public places….. Our liquid products are concentrated and have to be diluted for use. No need for hand cloves our any personal protection.

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