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Enjoying, sharing, growing local

Farmer Aishel was born in Curacao; she loves nature and always had the dream to, one day have her own farm where she can produce organic greens and fruits. She is a person who likes to work hard, loves to help people, has a friendly and positive attitude, loves to travel and collect seeds from all over the world. She has started her dream of traveling and to bring different new varieties of fruits and greens to grow on Curacao.

Today Aishel has reached many of her wishes; she has her farm that produces greens, fruits and herbs.
At Aishel’s farm you will find:  pumpkins, lettuces, cucumbers, aubergine, papaya, ocra, beans, saur melon, bitter melon, sweet pepper, corn, hot pepper, sorel, many type of herbs. Also fruit trees such as:  makapruim, pomgranate, moringa, mango, dushi kabei, banana, oba, watermelon, coconut, appledam, guyaba, schopapel.
The farm has enough choices to fill many household with a variety of healthy and delicious produce.

It is important to note that Aishel produces without chemicals so her harvest is biological/organic.
With the seeds she collected from Asia and Australia - countries she has visited-, she grows different types of vegetables that we do not find in nature on Curacao.

You can find her farm at Kaminda Duvert “Boy” Nicolina, (a side road of Caracasbaaiweg) It is the first farm on your left at the first bus stop. They are open daily from 10:00 to 14.00.

The farm has other activities such as:
- Camping facilities
- Outdoor party space
- Possibility for classes and tours
- Herbal walk
- Classes on ‘how to home grow’
- Selling of plants and herbs
- Assistance setting up your home garden

Aishel hope to welcome you soon at your farm to share her creations with you.


Published: September 2019


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