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Mother’s Peace of Mind

It’s mommy’s perfect dream: staying at home to educate her children and at end of the month Estudio 2receive a great salary! In most cases this is not possible, so you need someone that you can trust, toEstudio 1 take good care of your children. Someone that gives you the feeling that she loves your children as much as you do. And she’ll take good care of them, while you’re working. ‘Daina Daycare’ was founded on this idea.

Mrs. Damaris Veronica studied as a nursery school teacher and has been working for over 22 years with toddlers. In 2010 she quit working in another daycare, to open her own place ‘Daina Daycare’. Now that she’s working on her own, she has more freedom to buy materials. But also to organise fun activities, which are also educational for the children.

‘Daina Daycare’ is located at the house of the Veronica’s Family. This means that the daycare becomes like a second home for the children. It’s easier for the children to relax and learn in a pleasant atmosphere. When they get out of school, it’s like they’re going to their second home. Here they have the opportunity to develop social skills and other necessary skills for life. Mrs. Damaris plans some delicious and nutritional meals for every two weeks. Because she knows that a balanced meal is necessary for the learning process of a child.

In the afternoon she plans different activities for the children, like drawing lessons, handicrafts, games and they also learn how to make simple and easy snacks. And in the month of July she has some special activities to entertain the children for three weeks duirng the summer holidays.

For more information, please call Damaris at +5999 – 738-8818/512-8130.

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