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The 100 best things to do in Germany  22/33

Here are the 100 best things to do in Germany that will show you the charm, beauty and cultural diversity of this country.

Germany is rich with surprises and contrasts just waiting to be discovered by the discerning tourist. A country of enchanting little villages nestling between lofty and imposing mountains, fairytale castles and churches and lush vineyards rolling down towards the banks of the Rhine or the Mosel, Germany also boasts of the more rumbustious Munich Beer Festival and the Cologne Carnival, a very fine choice of gateaux, sausages and beer and a powerful and somewhat spooky folkloric tradition.


64. Legoland Günzburg

Günzburgs theme park “Legoland” in Bavarian Swabia is a wonderful day trip for Lego lovers of any age. Opened in 2002, it draws around 1.3 million visitors yearly and is one of Bavaria’s most popular attractions. In 2012 it was dubbed the most child-friendly park in Germany. The heart of Legoland is a miniature landscape of Germany, built from over 25 million Lego bricks,

but like any other amusement park there are rides and shows galore to entertain and amuse the whole family.

Günzburg is 1.5 hours from Munich by train. A shuttle bus runs regularly between the railway station and Legoland.


65. Botanical Gardens (Frankfurt)

Lovers of exotic plant and animal life will be thrilled to discover 22 hectares housing tropical plants from almost every climate, right in the center of one of Germany’s largest cities. In the Tropicarium, an assembly of 14 greenhouses, various climates around the world are perfectly simulated to give the visitor unique insight into the growing conditions of each species. Particularly impressive is the 18 metre high palm house, which was built in 1869; the towering leafy palms it houses are as popular today as they were then.

The Botanical Gardens are only 9 minutes from Frankfurt railway station by car, or just over 20 minutes by bus.


66. Neckar Park (Stuttgart)

Stuttgart`s Neckarpark is a 55 hectare expanse of land on the right bank of the river Neckar, which hosts the Mercedes-Benz Arena and the Porsche Arena, the club center and football stadium of local football team Vfb Stuttgart as well as the city camping grounds, and many other attractions.

Popular events taking place in the Neckarpark are the spring festival (middle of April to beginning of May), the Stuttgart Marathon (usually in June) and the Cannstatter Volksfest, which takes place towards the end of September and can compete with Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Nearest subway or bus station is Bad Cannstatt, however the Mercedes-Benz Arena is only ten minutes on foot from Stuttgart railway station.

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