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100 Best Things to Do In Kansas 6/20

Kansas is more than just the home of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. The state has an extensive history that includes being a home to prehistoric beasts, a pivotal player in the Civil War, and a place for pioneers heading west to rest, restock, and recuperate. There’s a lot of interesting things to do across the state; here’s a closer look.

26. Brown vs the Board of Education Historic Site (Topeka)

This historic site commemorates the decision to desegregate public schools. Here, you’ll get a great education about the history of racism and segregation in the US, the lawsuits filed to attempt to overcome the racial barriers, and the continuing fight. Spend an hour or so here learning why it is so important to remember our past.


27. C W Porubsky Grocery & Meats (Topeka)

Opened in 1947, this shop and deli also has a tavern and sits right along the railroad tracks. They’re known for their horseradish pickles, chili, and giant deli sandwiches. The chili is special and only prepared from Labor Day until late spring and only Monday through Thursday so chili lovers don’t bother the regular customers. Hours are somewhat limited so make sure you check before you head here for lunch.


28. Seelye Mansion (Abilene)

The Seelye Mansion was built in 1904, designed for the couple by a New York architect. There are 25 rooms to see in total, including a ballroom, bowling alley, and music room featuring a Steinway piano. Make sure to take a look at the Tiffany style fireplace and a walk around the gorgeous gardens. Give yourself about an hour or so here.


29. Prairie Museum of Art and History (Colby)

This museum is on the site of a 1930s farmstead, sod house, one room school, and church. There’s also the Cooper Barn, the largest barn in the state, where farm implements and photographs are on display. The museum holds over 28,000 artifacts from around the world and will take about two hours to fully explore.


30. Big Brutus (West Mineral)

Big Brutus is the largest electric shovel in the world and still stands as a tribute to Kansas’s mining history. This impressive piece of machinery is 16 stories tall and weighs 11 million pounds. It’s digger can hold 150 tons in one dig. If you have a kid that loves big machines or if you just want to witness something amazing, stop by for about a half hour for a great photo op.



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