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100 Best Things to Do In Kansas 13/20

Kansas is more than just the home of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. The state has an extensive history that includes being a home to prehistoric beasts, a pivotal player in the Civil War, and a place for pioneers heading west to rest, restock, and recuperate. There’s a lot of interesting things to do across the state; here’s a closer look.


61. Kill Creek Park (Olathe)

Kill Creek Park is the largest in the area. It’s accessible but still has a natural setting that include four picnic shelters, a marina, beach, and the nearby TimberRidge Adventure Center for larger group gatherings and camps. Kill Creek Park offers 12 miles of rugged trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding plus 1.5 miles of paved track. Give yourself a day here to hike, swim, and enjoy the great outdoors.


62. Kansas State University Insect Zoo (Manhattan)

If you’re looking for a cool place to get a little creeped out, try the Kansas State University Insect Zoo. Learn more about the smallest creatures in our world and their contribution to our environment. When spend an hour or so here, you’ll see giant cockroaches, beetles, walking sticks, praying mantises, and more.


63. Gella’s Diner & Lb. Brewing Co (Hays)

This brewery became the cornerstone restaurant of the Chestnut Street District. It got off the ground running and one nine Great American Brew Festival medals. It has since grown into a prosperous catering company and was named Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year at the GABF. Stop in for a beer and a meal or grab a growler to go.


64. Sternberg Museum of Natural History (Hays)

The Sternberg Museum has a large collection, including one of the best Pteranodon assemblies as well as a large collection or Cretaceous and Neogene fossils. Kansas has always had a lot of fossils and wildlife and early settlers had quite an interest in them, often starting large private collections, some of which eventually became property of the museum. Spend an hour or two here, there’s a lot to see.


65. Clinton State Park (Lawrence)

The 1500-acre Clinton State Park has about 600,000 visitors a year from across the country. The park balances recreation with maintaining the natural beauty of the park. You’ll find wildflowers and prairie grass along with native deer, turkeys, and songbirds. There’s lots of trails to explore spending the day here and you may even see a bald eagle.



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