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100 Best Things to Do in New York 12/20

There is so much to do in New York State. New York City of course offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure, but the state also has mountains, lakes, and strong ties to history to explore. Here is the ultimate guide to the 100 best things to do in New York.


56. 1812 Homestead Farm and Museum (Willsboro)

Here, you can see what it was like living and working on a farm in 1812. There’s candle making, apple cider pressing, and wool spinning, along with a one room school house. Allow half a day to get your hands dirty.


57. 1890 House Museum (Cortland)

The historical home of the Wickwire Family, the 1890 House Museum is 4 floors and 15,000 square feet of elegance. 45 minute guided tours are given at specific times and there’s a scheduled time to visit and explore on your own. They have some special events, including a holiday tea for kids.


58. Amish Trail (Various)

Located in various areas, the Amish Trail takes you to a simpler place where the Amish use horses and buggies instead of cars and shut down their shops so the community can celebrate a wedding. They sell a lot of handmade and hand baked goods. Slow down and spend a day taking in the scenery and appreciating a quieter life.


59. The Big Duck (Flanders)

Listed as a National Historic Place, the Big Duck is exactly what it sounds like – a building in the shape of a big duck. Inside, you’ll find travel and tourism information. It won’t take long once you get there, but it is something to see!


60. Brooklyn Children’s Museum (New York City)

Designed to foster growth and imagination in kids, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum has a nature exhibit, an area specifically designed for toddlers and young children, curated sensory stimulating collections, and an imaginary street full of kid sized shops to play pretend. The also have summer camps and afterschool programs. Spend half a day here with your little ones!



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