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100 Best Things to Do in Washington State (WA) 15/20

While outdoor beauty abounds in the state of Washington, in addition to the sprawling mountains, lakes, and sea, you’ll also find the fun, the elegant, the educational, and the strange. Washington is a great state that has a wide variety of things to offer.


71. Alderbrook Resort and Spa (Union)

Nestled in the Olympic Mountains, Alderbrook Resort and Spa is an ideal get away. You’ll dine on fresh clams for dinner, have bonfires on the beach, swim in the waterfront pool, or spoil yourself at the spa. This is the perfect place to relax for a weekend getaway.


72. Dahmen Barn (Uniontown)

This barn is a place where local artisans sell their goods, including books, dolls, jewelry, fine art, textiles, prints, and more. They also have classes in culinary arts, ceramics, plus lectures, concerts, and art demos. Spend a few hours here and don’t forget to check out the wagon wheel fence before you leave.


73. Magic Mouse (Seattle)

A giant toy store located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, Magic Mouse has something for the kids and a lot for the kid in you. They have newer toys but also carry a lot of vintage and vintage inspired items. They also put a strong focus on hands-on creating, experimenting, and learning with science and art themed items. Spend an hour or two here and feel like a kid again.


74. The Purple Store (Seattle)

This store sells everything and anything that’s, well, purple. Purple is a way of life here. You’ll find scarves, shoes, furniture, stuffed animals, jewelry, handbags, even purple Kitchenaid mixers. If you love purple and can’t make it for an hour of browsing, they also have their shop set up online to make sure you can get your purple fix.


75. Los Hernandez Tamales (Union Gap)

For some of the greatest tamales in the state of Washington, make sure to stop in and visit Los Hernandez Tamales. You can get tamales fresh, frozen, or even raw for you to cook at home. They have chicken and pork varieties and a special seasonal asparagus and pepper jack cheese tamale. Stop in and grab some lunch.



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