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100 Best Things to Do in Massachusetts 14/20

Massachusetts was where the original colonists settled and it has a lot of historically significant things to see and do. There are also plenty of parks and family friendly places to make any trip to Massachusetts one to remember.


66. Essex Shipbuilding Museum (Essex)

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum tells the story of a village that building more fishing schooners than anywhere else in the world. They have old ship building tools, photographs, and even a ship built in sight in 1998 on display when it’s not sailing around New England. Spend about 2 hours here.


67. Beacon Hill (Boston)

Now one of the most expensive Boston neighborhoods to live in, Beacon Hill saw it’s first house built in 1625. It’s full of old row houses, gaslit streets, and brick sidewalks. Allow yourself about an hour here walking around this historic neighborhood and take some good pictures.


68. Museum of Bad Art (Brookline)

Located in two different theater basements, the Museum of Bad Art is the only one of its kind, dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of bad art in all its forms. They’ve got landscapes that look like ice cream, bad portraits, and weird subjects. Spend an hour in this fun museum.


69. Lannan Ship Model Gallery (Boston)

A family business that’s been around since 1967, the Lannan Ship Model Gallery had an impressive amount of maritime artifacts. In addition to model ships, they also have antique sextants and compasses, clocks, art, and furniture. If you are curious about ships and life at sea, spend an hour or so here.


70. Salem (Salem)

A visit to Salem would not be complete without visiting the museums and historic sites chronicling the witch trials, but there’s also a lot more to do here. There’s plenty of beaches and boats to explore or follow the red line on the sidewalk through town and take a self guided walking tour. There’s enough to do here to fill a whole weekend.



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