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100 Best Things to do in Maryland 19/20

Maryland is a great state to visit. There’s a wide mix of things to do here. The state is rich in American Revolutionary and Civil War history. It’s right on the Chesapeake Bay and has maritime roots. Plus, there are parks, rivers, and even part of the Appalachian Trail here. Add the art, brews, and amazing food and you have a great all-inclusive destination.


91. Point Lookout State Park (Scotland)

Point Lookout was a prison camp for confederate soldiers during the Civil War. A museum on the site commemorates this unfortunate history. Spend a day here at the nature center, on the beach, and boating then stay for some night fishing then camp overnight. If you like being outside, you would love spending a weekend here.


92. Berger Cookie (Baltimore)

The story of Berger’s goes all the way back to 1835 and a German immigrant named Charles Berger. Over the years, Charles and his brothers, sons, nephews, and grandsons build cookie businesses in Baltimore. Berger’s hasn’t made many changes to the original recipe from 1835, just a few tweaks along the way. Stop by and treat yourself to one of the most famous cookies in the mid Atlantic.


93. National Museum of Health and Medicine (Silver Spring)

This museum started out at the Army Medical Museum during the Civil War and has continued doing research from its creation until now. Here, you’ll learn about all the research and the advancements that it lead to. Exhibits include information about traumatic brain injury; advancements in surgical response, protection, transportation, and rehab; and more. If you’re a war buff or just want to learn more about how medicine is applied in war, come and spend 2-3 hours here.


94. Furnace Town Living Heritage Museum (Snow Hill)

Miners, sawyers, molders, and bargemen worked hard here from 1828-1850 to make iron, which was then towed to the canal and shipped to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York to help build up the young nation. Furnace Town was the company town where the workers and their families lived. The Maryland Iron Company declared bankruptcy in 1850 and mostly everyone left the town. By 1929, it had almost all rotted away and preservation efforts began in the 1960s. Now, you can come and spend the day touring the church, printshop, school house, blacksmith shop, and more to learn what life was like working at the Nassawango Furnace and living in Furnace Town.


95. Wheaton Station Escalator (Silver Spring)

This escalator is the length of two football fields and the longest in the western hemisphere. It takes three and a half minutes to get from top to bottom or vice versa. This isn’t the most exciting item on our list, but it’s definitiely something to see if you’ve got seven minutes to spare so you can ride it down and back up to the street again. Be sure to take a picture.



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