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100 Best Things to do in Connecticut 7/20

Connecticut is the third smallest state by area, in the USA, and has the highest per-capita income. The capital city is Hartford. It is also known as Constitution State, the Provisions State, The Nutmeg state, and the Land of steady habits.

The first European settlers were of Dutch origin, although the first major settlement was in the 1630’s by English settlers.

Connecticut has a strong tradition with maritime, having the Connecticut and Thames Rivers, along with many ports along the Long Island Sound.

You will find that the state of Connecticut has within its borders shorelines, forests, historic villages, colonial churches, and modern expressways. Connecticut is certainly a thriving state, with a lot to offer the tourist.


31. The Audubon Centre

You will find this in Greenwich. If you enjoy walking, hiking, or bird watching, then be sure to visit here. Walking trails are very clearly marked. Most bird watchers go early in the mornings.
The trails take you through woods, and along lakes and pools. Most of the trails are suitable for children.
There is a delightful gift shop at the entrance. Note that there is a fee to enter, although on Sundays it is half price.

32. Stepford Wives Location

The mansion and the shopping center are found in Norwalk. This is where the 1975 film was shot. At the time it was classed as a ‘modern suspense story’.
The shopping center has changed tenants over the years, but you will still find a supermarket and a cinema.
The Stepford Men’s Association Building is really a castle-like building in Norwalk. It was constructed in 1868, and is in the middle of Matthews Park. This is also open for tours.
Allow yourself a morning to see these places.


33. Valley Railroad

This was founded in 1868 and now operates the Essex Clipper Dinner train and the Essex Steam Train.
The Dinner Train takes 2.5 hours and departs from Essex depot. You will see beautiful views of the Connecticut River as you are served your four-course meal – prepared on board and served in restored 1920’s Pullman dining cars.
There is a seasonal North Pole Express which takes kids to a make believe North Pole. Hot chocolate, cookies and a gift from Santa are included in this tour.


34. Elizabeth Park

This city park is found in Hartford. It covers over 100 acres and is best known for the rose garden which is over 2.5 acres in size. The rose garden contains over 15,000 bushes with 800 varieties of rose. This rose garden is the oldest municipal garden in the USA.
The green houses are of historical value as well as the rest of the magnificent gardens. If you enjoy walking them you will find many paths to follow.
Look out for the bowling greens and the tennis courts, and the scenic pond. There is a delightful picnic area and a small café where you can buy lunch to eat outside. Try to visit when the roses are in bloom as the air is filled with wonderful perfume.


35. The Bruce Museum

This museum, in downtown Greenwich, is filled with both natural history and art. There are many permanent exhibits, including Native American History, minerals, local area landscape, woodland birds, and wildlife.
There are often different temporary exhibitions of photography, science, and history so you may want to check out their upcoming exhibits.
Allow yourself at least a half day here.



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